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I bring you the 10 trend setting wedding hairstyles for 2013. If you want a new look for your big day check out these beautiful wedding hairstyles that will trend in 2013. Even though you are going with a pro, you can try out some of these styles before your big day, so you can come up with the style that works best on you and will last.  Plus it's an excuse to get dressed up.
 1. On the Romantic Side -  I totally love this hairstyle. It's very romantic. If you're going with this hairstyle, make sure that the side sweep is on the side that will be in pictures, and facing your guests.
 2. Braids: Braids are huge this year and will continue in 2013. The braid can be a cascade/waterfall braid, braided up do or braids wrapped around a bun.

 3. Vintage Vixen: You know I love me some retro look (If you missed my post on Vintage hairstyles, read it HERE). The retro wedding hairstyle is back and there's no better way to bring out your inner vintage vixen than with the signature hairstyle of the 60s.

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4. The Chignon Bun: Sexy, romantic, elegant or casual – the chignon bun has made a comeback and will still be going strong in 2013. It screams classy and sophisticated. It's also known as the messy side bun. This style can be worn for both medium and long hair lengths, with or without a veil.

5. Ride the Waves: If you want to look relaxed yet sexy, this loose wavy beach hair is soft and so romantic, but it isn't for everyone. Make sure you try out before your big day to ensure that it suits you (always get second opinions). Loose wavy hair is feminine. It also looks beautiful on a beach bride.
 6. A Ballerina Bun: This look is pretty and easy to do and the result is great. It can a tight bun or slightly loose bun.

 7. Romantic braided Chignon: This wedding hairstyle is a braided chignon. It's totally classic and elegant!
8. Hawaiian Inspired Hairstyle: This look is sexy and playful at the same time. I call it the 'teaser hairstyle', hehehe. It's just sexy in an Hawaiian kinda way. It's also perfect for an out door wedding, like the beach.
 9. The Fishtail Braid: The trick with the fishtail braid is to be able to loosen it. This trend is incredibly easy to style. You can also try out the fishtail braid updo version. 
 10. French Twist: You can wear it messy like in the photo below of go with something much tighter for a neater and more classic look

Which hair trend do you love most?

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