Friday, 30 November 2012


For a Christmas wedding, the attire need to be completely in accordance using the theme of Christmas, so there is less experimenting with colors. However, there is a great deal of scope to experiment with designs, patterns and fabrics (usually taffeta or satin). Christmas colors for the bridesmaid dress can range from festive red, gold, hunter or forest green, silver and royal-looking midnight blue.

 Even though it's your day and it's about what you want, let your bridesmaids' opinion count when choosing what they would wear, after all, they will be wearing it long after the wedding not you. You can spice things up with short cocktail dress with cranberry colored silk scarves, gloves, shoes and hats as accessories. A great idea just crossed my mind! Some of the girls can wear red while some green, or even all five colors discussed here. Whoa, that will be beautiful. Dare to be different I say.

A beautiful white cape or jacket like this can be used for strapless dresses so your girls are not refused entry into the church (that won't be funny o) and also don't forget, December is a chilly season. Plus, they will look so chic and stylish. White will work with whatever color they're wearing.

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Red and green are natural colors for a Christmas wedding but don't feel limited to this palate. Other possibilities, which will work with existing decorations, include:
  • silver and white
  • silver and light blue
  • burgundy, forest green, and gold (as long as the existing decorations aren't too primary)
  • gold and cream
This is a seashell wedding bouquet made with seashells, satin flowers, pearls large and small and ribbon. Now, that's what I call a unique bouquet. I always encourage people to stand out, do away with the norm. This is definitely away from the norm. I love it!

 Not everyone sticks to red as their color theme, if you want something a little bit different, a posy of white roses surrounded by a collar of white feathers would be beautiful for a Christmas wedding theme of icy white and any other colour such as cool blue. 

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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Seeing red? It's the season to see red. If you're going to be Christmas bride ( if you're getting married in December) and you want your wedding to reflect the season, we are going to take a couple of days to discuss every detail of it (you know I like to take it one detail at a time). Yaay! #clapping#. Are you as excited as I am?  Christmas is a wonderful time to get married, not only are you happily in love but the spirit of Christmas seems to bring out the best in everyone. In general people appear more generous and kind.What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Christmas-themed wedding? Let's get started with the bridal gown, veil and the headpiece.

 Your dress can be the traditional white, adding a beautiful red sash will compliment your gown and can coordinate with your bridesmaid's dresses and your groom's tie and cummerbund. If red is not your color, you can try a touch of green. Breathtaking, right?

Gold is also a beautiful colour to use during Christmas, if you have the heart for it of course. See more Christmas themed gowns and headpiece after the cut...


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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


 To conclude our vintage whirlwind affair, we are bringing our best foot forward- stepping out in those gorgeous 'old school' shoes to complete the retro chic bride look. Brides, don't be a Cinderella and lose that shoe now, this shoes are too beautiful to loose. Enjoy going through this collection of classic vintage shoes.

 If you wanna have that old school-new school feel, this looks just perfect for it. The detail at the rear of it gives it that retro look. So funky classic. Me likey!
 I absolutely love the pop of colour on this shoe, totally beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could get married everyday (to my husband everytime of course) just so I can try on all the bridal dresses and shoes out there. There are just too many beautiful outfits to choose from and then you get to wear just one in one day? #sadface# See more stunning vintage shoes after the cut...

Sunday, 25 November 2012


A successful husband is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. Right ladies? *wink*. Guy, smile na. Hehehee.


Yaay! Now on to one of my favorite bridal outfits, the bridal gown; and in vintage no less. Yes, it's time to feed our eyes on the some of most beautiful vintage wedding dresses out there. If you're a lover of the retro look and want to appear in a truly unique style on your wedding day, then choosing the vintage look for your bridal image might be a great idea. You can even use a photographer who will develop your photos with a retro look to them. Ladies, as I like to say, be inspired! 

 The vintage wedding look is flirty, feminine, and very conventional. Most of all, this look is about confidence and sophistication! When it comes to choosing a vintage bridal gown, there are a wide range of styles to choose from in the market. Already confused? Not yet o, there are still so many more to check out after the cut.

Adding gloves (not those 'unflatering' Aba-made fingerless gloves I see naija brides using o) complete the retro look. My wedding gown (tailor-made but better than a 'ready-made') was a blend of the old and the new but my elbow-length gloves added to the retro look plus it made me feel so sexy rather than 'bridey'. But if you're not a gloves person, it doesn't matter. You can still achieve your sexy retro look without it. Check out gorgeous vintage bridal gowns (and the source) after the cut...


Hi guys. Still on our quest to complete the vintage bridal look, we will complete the vintage jewelries episode here. Check out some lovely bracelets, wedding band and brooch to compliment the hair and the headpiece we discussed yesterday.
 This amazing statement bridal bracelet features a vintage style art deco pendant, encrusted with many sparkly marquise stones, clear rhinestones, and crystal pearls. Stunning right?
 This is a gorgeous sterling silver ring with garnets and a single moonstone from the early Retro period (1930's). (From 1 Thayer Road)
 Vintage Brilliant Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Mans Filigree Wedding Band and Stunning Vintage Garnet Cabochon Pea Pearl 14k Gold Ring (From Tanya's Treasures)

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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Now that's freaky! See the groom ogling the cake version of his wife instead of his wife.


Bridal accessories communicate a fashion statement, but they also convey the bride's taste, creativity and individuality. So, be you in your choice of accessories. Just like the headpieces, these also come in gold, bronze, silver and pearls. Make sure your accessories match completely; if you jewelries are silver, ensure to use a matching tiara. But ladies, don't you think it's time to step away from silver for a while and add a pop of colorful jewelry to your outfit?


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You didn't think I would leave you with just a vintage hairstyle did you? We are going to complete the whole vintage package; hairstyle, accessories, gowns, shoes, the wedding ceremony, reception...we're gonna go the whole nine yards, but will take it one at  a time. Today, it' all about the accessories. Check out stunning bohemian and vintage head pieces, tiaras and veils. You can have it in gold, bronze, silver or pearls, your choice. But one thing they all have in common? Class!
 If you're not one for Hollywood star actress, Anne Hathaway's head piece, which I'm not also, there is more stunning designs for you after the cut...


There is something real sexy and chic about vintage looks, be it the outfit or the hair do. It screams Hollywood glamour and it's not just for red carpet but for weddings too. Infact, we don't see much of it around in Naija. So, I bring you some of the most gorgeous vintage bridal hairstyles to inspire some one out there. Dare to be different! 

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Friday, 23 November 2012


Hi lovelies. This blog is for all ladies, whether you're a bride-to-be, bride or past bride. We all love to talk about wedding gowns and hairstyles and bouquets and tiaras.......... even when it's not your wedding (we all love to join a friend or relative to plan her wedding). If you're a wedding lover like me, you're welcome, lets talk all things bride and beautiful! And yes guys, you're welcome here too. #giggling#