Thursday, 29 November 2012


Seeing red? It's the season to see red. If you're going to be Christmas bride ( if you're getting married in December) and you want your wedding to reflect the season, we are going to take a couple of days to discuss every detail of it (you know I like to take it one detail at a time). Yaay! #clapping#. Are you as excited as I am?  Christmas is a wonderful time to get married, not only are you happily in love but the spirit of Christmas seems to bring out the best in everyone. In general people appear more generous and kind.What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Christmas-themed wedding? Let's get started with the bridal gown, veil and the headpiece.

 Your dress can be the traditional white, adding a beautiful red sash will compliment your gown and can coordinate with your bridesmaid's dresses and your groom's tie and cummerbund. If red is not your color, you can try a touch of green. Breathtaking, right?

Gold is also a beautiful colour to use during Christmas, if you have the heart for it of course. See more Christmas themed gowns and headpiece after the cut...

 If you're a bold bride and want to stand out, consider a red or green dress. I 'double dare' you, hehehee.

This simple but beautiful wreath headpiece will add a rustic/vintage look to your outfit. You can add a certain embellishments to the wreath if you want it to look bulky, some things like glitter, sequin or fake jewels, can really enhance the finished headpiece ( if possible, use red and green embellishment to make it 'Christmassy'). Hot glue will work great to attach such embellishments. You can add a veil to the wreath if you want. Or you can use a regular veil/headpiece.


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